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Together we will empower gamers and creators by building a new gamer centric economy.

The Game is Rigged!

The gaming industry is plagued by an uneven distribution of wealth. For gamers it is a one way road, money goes in yet never comes out. Platforms and publishers often demand a 50% commission on the distribution of content and games from Developers and Creators.

Content Creators

are restricted by thresholds, lose up to 50% of the revenue they earn and are forced to wait up to 60 days to receive their earnings.


are forced to spend their hard-earned money on currencies that have no real value, outside of a particular game. This creates a stagnant economy, as the value exchange is one-way. Favoring only the game, never the gamer.

Game Developers

are one of the most undervalued participants in the industry, without whom there would be no video games. Developers dedicate significant creativity, time, and money while distributors expect up to a 50/50 split on all the revenue they generate.

The house always wins.

We aim to change the game!

Our mission is to create a high liquidity social economy centered around gamers and creators.

We call it Gamercentric Fintech