It’s time to change the game

Connect and share with your community

GeeGee is the community-centric platform, where creators and gamers can connect through direct engagement and transactions, eliminating greedy platforms and bringing gamers together without having to change platforms.

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Are you tired of being taxed right and left for all your contributions to the gaming community?

Are you tired of not being able to control or have a say in the platforms you use?

Are you tired of the powerful tech giants that control and demonetise everything and everyone at will?

Because we are! Which is why together we are creating GeeGee

Monetization & engagement HUD

Keep all you earn and get paid instantly.

Community Centric Economy

Create revenue and engag with all your followers, across all platforms, at the same time.

Universal 2way Currency

Give back instantly parts of your earning to your community.

Let's do this together!

Create a community where creators and players own & manage their virtual economy.


GeeGee is a paradigm shift in the way Content, Experience, and Social Engagement happens and is monetizedwithin the gaming environment A purpose built, dedicated gamercentric economy focused on Gamers, Creators, and Esports

Real Value

In-game loot can have real value for players, opening up opportunities for gamers of all levels.


Giving even gamers with few followers the power to create a community and monetize thier content.

Peer-2-Peer Transactions

Create an omni-directional financial bridge between all users within a community.

Fair Play

Create a seamless, transparent and honest infrastructure for competative gamers.

Seamless Sponsorship

Any brand or organization can set up their own branded tournament within minutes.

Community Rewards

Reward your community in real-time through direct P2P transactions.

Frequently asked qustions

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Geegee is an engagement + monetization platform designed to change the game for gamers, creators and content based communities

Sign yourself and your followers up. The bigger the community the greater the benefit for everyone

The opportunity to generate revenue while doing what you love, while growing and engaging with your favourite communities.

Nope. It is designed to work with your usual platforms and content

GeeGee is a web-based application. You can download it from our website on the top “Platform”.


The native platform currency. 

100 Gee-Bucks = 1 USD

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook

Just connect your debit/credit card, bank account, or Paypal

Easily, by sharing your G-Link QR code with others. You can also embed it in your videos or content

Inside your wallet or via your profile page

Yes you can! You can redeem them for cash in your wallet

Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Bank transfer

Yes, and all major cards and Paypal

GeeGee is free for the first 3 months

Let’s get started!

Join an ecosystem, where content creators and gamers can connect and share in the real value together.

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