The Ecosystem

GeeGee is a web based gaming & content monetisation platform for PC, mobile and console, that compliments and works alongside all the popular go-to gaming and social media platforms – we call it Gamercentric Fintech.

More Important: You don’t have to change anything from how you already operate.


  • Bank Account For Gamers & Creators
  • Store your Gee-Bucks & Cash Securely
  • Send, Receive, Donate, Pay & Spend
  • Transfer Funds Globally


  • Real Cash For Gamers & Creators
  • Instant, ZERO-Fee Transfers Between Users


  • Pop-Up Intelligent Interface
  • Works Alongside Your Favorite Content
  • Monetize All Of Your Content
  • Combine All Of Your Followers


  • Physical And Digital Access To Funds
  • Use Online & Offline 24/7/365

The Features


  • Monetise Your Social Media And Content Channels
  • Send Tips & Donoz to Your Favourite Creators
  • Receive Instant Cash Rewards From The Channels You Follow
  • Play Games With Loot Holding Real Cash Value

Tournament & Event Organisers

  • Consolidate Event Funds
  • Withdraw To Any Bank Of Choice
  • Event Wallets For Receipt Of Entry Fees And Payouts
  • Plug-And-Play Business Models For Instant Revenue

Content Creators & Influencers

  • Monetize All Channels Simultaneously
  • Combine Entire Audience In One Place
  • Earn Additional Revenue Without Changing What You Do
  • Keep 100% Of The Revenue You Earn
  • Instant Access To Funds
  • Give Back To Your Followers With Instant Cash Rewards
  • Become A Gee-Neral And Earn Huge Loyalty Rewards
  • Create New Engaging Content From Real Monetized Gaming

Game Developers

  • Monetize Your Virtual Online World
  • Create Real-World Value For In-Game Items
  • Plug-And-Play Business Models For Instant Revenue
  • Support for most popular Game Engines
  • Extensible API
  • Optimised code for high performance
  • Regular updates
  • Best Practices Support for Subscribers


  • Management Of Team Finances
  • Multiple Branded Wallets Per Organization
  • Organize And Distribute Winnings, Salaries & Expenses
  • Global Access To Funds 24/7/365

Merchants & Brands

  • Access to GeeGee Network For Sales & Marketing
  • Free Instant Transactions Within The Network
  • Volume Based Corporate Accounts
  • Content-To-Cart Business Models
  • Brand-Influencer Pairing